Why online learning 

1. There is no travelling involved

Having to commit to travelling to a traditional college to study beauty therapy is both expensive and time consuming. From paying for travel right down to your snacks whilst there, the costs all add up. Saving time and money means that studying with an online beauty therapy course is well within your reach.

2. There are better career prospects

As a trained beauty therapist there are a lot more doors open to you, meaning that you have better career prospects. Salons are looking to hire qualified staff so they can maintain their reputation, so if you want to join a busy salon, being qualified will set you apart from the other job applicants. If you want to branch out on your own then being qualified makes you more attractive to any prospective clients.

3. You will become a better beauty therapist

Studying an online beauty therapy course will make you a better beauty therapist. Using the knowledge that you have learned you will be able to apply new techniques to your day to day work, and knowing the latest industry standards puts you ahead of your competition.

4. There is tutor support

With online beauty therapy courses you aren’t just left to your own devices. You will still have access to trained tutors, usually for up to 12 months included in the price of your course. If you need an extension then this can usually be arranged for a small fee.

5. Easy to juggle with family life and other commitments

Whatever the demands that you are juggling, choosing an online beauty therapy course makes it a lot easier! Study in your own time, at your own pace, safe in the knowledge that you are able to enhance your career whilst still carrying out your day to day commitments.

6. Completed in your own time and at your own pace

We all have different demands on our time, and you might find yourself busier than you expected at certain times. Learning from home allows you to learn when you can – even in small bursts. You can work at your own pace without any demands made for evaluations by a certain date.

7. Cheaper than traditional courses

Online beauty therapy courses are cheaper than traditional courses. You will of course save on your travel costs which we discussed above, but you will also save money on the outlay of your course. You can also continue working whilst studying, meaning that you still have an income to rely on.

8. Beauty therapy is a large and growing industry

The beauty therapy industry is a large industry, growing fast! New technologies and methods are constantly being introduced, so staying ahead of these is key to your long term success. An online beauty course will keep you up to date with the latest techniques in use.

9. Get qualified

An online course still leads to a great beauty therapy qualification. As salons are trying to employ qualified staff, this means you will be at an advantage when looking for work, or if you are planning on setting up your own business then customers are more likely to use a qualified beauty therapist.

10. You can earn more money

Being trained means that you can earn more money by being able to complete a wider range of treatments, as well as commanding more money for your qualification(s). Whether you are accepting private clients or working within a salon, you can command a higher fee per treatment or a higher salary.

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