Reusable and lightweight full face protection visor face shield that slips on like a pair of glasses without adjusting the headband.


Full Face Shield Cover with Glass Framed Transparent Visor (glasses can be worn comfortably with the shield).


Please kindly note:

*Remove the clear protective film on both sides of the face shield visor before using it!

The protective films are there to prevent any scratches or damage that may occur during transportation. Only removing both of the films will provide you with clear vision.


Face Shields with Glasses

SKU: 0015
£8.99 Regular Price
£6.99Sale Price
    • Ultra stable design anchors to the face on a frame similar to glasses/safety goggles
    • Reusable – Cleanable
    • No absorbent parts. No foam. Clean with soap and water or alcohol.
    • Clear
    • Anti-Fog
    • Can be worn while wearing prescription glasses


“Fast shipping - good quality face masks and shields helping me get back to work safer!” - Nottingham, UK

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